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What Our Clients Say About Us.

I have been a coaching client of Bob’s. Throughout the sessions, he demonstrates his knowledge and passion for coaching and enthusiasm concerning my self-improvement. He listens closely, challenges me to uncover what it is I really want and acts as a resource for me by “unblocking” through effective reflection, focus and insight. Drawing on his talents as a trainer and coach, Bob charges me with the task to identify on my own which direction I needed to take in several facets of my life including career, civic/volunteering and relationships. As a client I was motivated to write down my goals and work towards them in a methodical manner. I have experienced significant growth in these areas and look forward to additional progress with his coaching while I “fine tune” my plan and actions!

— Manager

I have been working with Bob as a business coach and find my time with him to be invaluable. As a business owner, I feel it is critical to surround myself with people who will push me outside of my comfort zone and hold me accountable to goals I have set for myself and my business. Bob is one of those people for me, he is a joy and pleasure to work with and I have learned a great deal from him. I recommend him highly to anyone trying to take their business to the next level.


I recently had the opportunity to contract for Bob Gabor’s services to facilitate a 2-day program on Leading Technical People. The program was delivered to over 20 IT managers in our company. As I observed Bob present, it occurred to me, “Boy this guy is GOOD!” For two very full days he kept the audience totally engaged and paying attention. The icing on the cake came the next day at our holiday celebration, that our CIO sought me out to tell me how all the managers were RAVING on how great the class was and how much they got out of it. This message was repeatedly conveyed to me as I interacted with others who had participated in the program. I highly recommend Bob as a facilitator if you are looking for someone to engage your workforce and ensure that they learn something as a result of being in one of his workshops. Thanks so much Bob

— Manager
Learning and Development-Insurance Industry

I have been working with Bob and Molly since 2001. As a successful entrepreneur, a colleague suggested that I consider training they offered. I wasn’t sure what I was getting into but after my first program with them, it set off a series of trainings that I have attended personally, used for employees in my various businesses and I have even had Bob and Molly speak and train entrepreneurs in my National membership organization. All these years later, Bob and Molly are still a resource I utilize to help me get my key people to higher levels quickly and systematically. Their easy going, can do approach engages participants from the get go. More importantly, the content is truly life changing! Whenever I am asked to speak on my success, one of the three core elements I share that changed my life and had the greatest impact on me as a business owner, is the training I received from both Bob and Moll (they actually have taught me different things based on their own expertise). I have used them separately and as a team to impact my intended beneficiaries. The powerful approach they use of teaching the concept, showing how it applies to me personally, having me practice it (this by far was the most powerful), and finally, sending me off with tools and strategies to implement the new skill learned, truly has resulted in more long term benefits than I could have ever imagined. Working with Bob and Molly is truly a great investment in anyone’s future!


It was great meeting you and watching you work. You're a world class facilitator and expert in the leadership development field. We were lucky to have you lead our IT team through their foyer into the world of leadership development.

— Director
Learning and Development-Retail

Thanks big time, Bob Gabor! You folks at Dynamic Training and Coaching sure understand the value of teaching leadership skills training for first level supervisors and you do it with class, rigor, and fun. Great to be learning partners!"

Training and Development