Thursday, Dec 01 2022


These modules (based on the book, People Skills) can be customized for First-Level and Mid-Level Managers, Individual Contributors, Technical People, High Potential Employees and Teams. Clients select the modules that meet their specific needs.

  • Dynamic Listening (Based on the book, Listen Up or Lose Out, Bolton and Bolton, 2018)
  • Dynamic Delegation
  • Dynamic Assertion
  • Dynamic Conflict
  • Dynamic Problem Solving
  • Dynamic Coaching
  • Dynamic Feedback

Business/Training Needs

When coupled together, the above modules can address the following business/training needs:

  • Employee engagement
  • Leadership
  • Holding people accountable
  • Getting results with and through others
  • Fostering individual growth

Other Workshops

Below are other Dynamic workshops that can be customized:

  • Dynamic Train-the-Trainer (Based on the Book-What Great Trainer’s Do)
  • Dynamic Leadership Styles (Based on the book-Social Styles at Work and Beyond)
  • Dynamic Selling Today
  • Dynamic Customer Service
  • Dynamic Presentation Skills

Dynamic Leadership Coaching is a one-to-one coaching experience based on 360 feedback followed by coaching in the participant’s’ areas of need. For more information, see Dynamic One-to-One Coaching for Resolving Interpersonal Problem under the coaching tab.


" I have been a coaching client of Bob’s. Throughout the sessions, he demonstrates his knowledge and passion for coaching and enthusiasm concerning my self-improvement. He listens closely, challenges me to uncover what it is I really want and acts as a resource for me by “unblocking” through effective reflection, focus and insight. Drawing on his talents as a trainer and coach, Bob charges me with the task to identify on my own which direction I needed to take in several facets of my life including career, civic/volunteering and relationships. As a client I was motivated to write down my goals and work towards them in a methodical manner. I have experienced significant growth in these areas and look forward to additional progress with his coaching while I “fine tune” my plan and actions!"

— Manager

Learning & Development – Insurance Industry