Friday, Jun 09 2023

Elevating employee engagement...
          And interpersonal excellence through skill-based, practice-driven training.

Who we are:

Dynamic Training and Coaching is a small, elite, highly experienced training and coaching firm with a select network of seasoned trainers and coaches dedicated to improving performance through practice-driven, skill development workshops.

What we do:

Our skill-based, intensive workshops are the foundation of our training and coaching for large and small for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. We stay focused on what we do best--training and coaching. Our exclusive focus is to increase employee engagement, performance and productivity within organizations.

How we do it:

Every workshop and coaching session is composed of two intertwined elements: course content and group process. CONTENT is what is taught; PROCESS refers to how the group and the individuals within it are functioning. When process deteriorates, LEARNING plummets. We manage both content and process to facilitate transfer of learning from the workshop to participant’s real work world.

Virtually all of our training follows a five-step practice-focused method:


“I recently had the opportunity to contract for Bob Gabor’s services to facilitate a 2-day program on Leading Technical People. The program was delivered to over 20 IT managers in our company. As I observed Bob present, it occurred to me, ‘Boy this guy is GOOD!’ For two very full days he kept the audience totally engaged and paying attention. The icing on the cake came the next day at our holiday celebration, that our CIO sought me out to tell me how all the managers were RAVING on how great the class was and how much they got out of it. This message was repeatedly conveyed to me as I interacted with others who had participated in the program. ”
        “I highly recommend Bob as a facilitator if you are looking for someone to engage your workforce and ensure that they learn something as a result of being in one of his workshops.”

“Thanks so much Bob!”

— Manager

Non-For-Profit Corporation